We are an event agency that builds strong brands where relationships are key

Templar Events started in 2002 and since then we have conducted more than 1,200 events for our customers. Through our long experience, we have mastered how to run events as effectively as possible.

 We combine creativity with a fine attention to detail. Whether it is launching new products or strengthening relationships, we create events where your brand is the centre of attention. Our focus is on giving the visitor a feeling he or she carries with them forever.

We offer everything from event strategy to implementation. Examples of projects include: conferences, kick-offs, inaugurations, concept development, road shows and incentive travel programs.

In 2013, we ran a large-scale event, which was certified by Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Clean) as a Miljömärkt Event (Ecolabelled Event). Since then we have been addressing our sustainability. That challenging project was about finding environmentally smart solutions. What we gained from that project added to our depth of knowledge and experience.

We have an AAA credit rating.