Bayer Leverkusen Visited Gothenburg


There is a football frenzy in Gothenburg, and the club BK Häcken is performing exceptionally well, having qualified for the Europa League in the men’s category and the Champions League in the women’s category.

Leading up to the decisive group stage match against the German team Bayer Leverkusen, the club chose to bring both management and sponsors to Sweden. In collaboration with our partner, Amaze, we had the honor of guiding the team’s leadership and sponsors throughout their stay.

Showcasing Gothenburg in its best light in November, when the rain often comes horizontally, is a challenge in itself. Despite our preparations, Gothenburg surprised us with a snow chaos and a decimeter of snow when the guests arrived. This marked the beginning of a fantastic winter experience in the city.

On the first day, we guided the group up to Skansen Kronan, where they indulged in a traditional Christmas buffet in a castle setting with a breathtaking view of snow-covered Gothenburg.

The next day began with a delightful breakfast at Clarion Hotel Post, followed by a memorable city excursion in an amphibious bus. We paused for a beer at Kajutan in Saluhallen before relishing lunch at the renowned Restaurant Kometen.

In the afternoon, we divided the group, allowing some to explore the world of beer at Poppels Bryggeri, while others headed towards Tjolöholms Christmas Market for a touch of holiday magic.

The day culminated in an exciting football match, where BK Häcken was easily defeated 2-0, before it was time to say goodbye and fly home.

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