Grill Tour


During the summer of 2023, the Danish company Danish Crown wished to promote its brand GØL through a grill tour.

Together with GØL and our partners CocaCola, Lohmanders, Korvbrödsbagaren, and Kamado Sumo, the grill tour #grillatillsammans was launched.

In June, Templars’ staff was ready to hit the roads to carry out the tour. We visited various supermarkets in southern and central Sweden, setting up our over 100-square-meter event outside the main entrances.

The event peaks lasted for a day. Our grill masters fired up the grills and offered tastings of GØL’s exquisite chirico sausages, accompanied by selected accessories from our partners. There were also mingle sessions, family activities, and sizzling hot offers!

In the project, we worked on…

Research & Insights
Concept & Content
Staff Recruitment
Graphic Design
Design & Purchasing
Logistics & Flow